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  • How to add camera
  • How to add ROI
  • How to Add TripWire
  • How to send mobile notifications
  • How to enable motion detection
  • Power settings
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  • How to add camera
  • How to add ROI
  • How to Add TripWire
  • How to send mobile notifications
  • How to enable motion detection
  • Power settings
  • PTZ control
Article 1

How to add the Region of Interest to your camera(s)

The Region of Interest (ROI) is a function that allows your camera to only monitor a specific area within a broader area that the camera is monitoring. There are several practical cases where the Region of Interest is necessary. Take, for example:

  • You are monitoring a region with a high volume of traffic. Focusing on the whole area will only give a high number of false alerts. You can significantly reduce the high number of false alerts by only focusing the camera on an area with less traffic but higher risk of being exploited by intruders.

Opening the SmartLens software will take you to the application’s main window. The main window is divided into three distinct parts.

SmartLens Welcome Screen Distinct Viewports

Snapshot of SmartLens Welcome Screen divided into 3 sections: A, B & C

A – Menu bar. It displays the name of the software on your left side. On its right are the three traditional buttons that you can use to minimize, maximize or close the application window.

B – Control panel. It has 5 tabs that determine what functions of the application to use.

C – Main window. The contents of the main window vary depending on the selected tab.

The Welcome Screen above is displayed if you are using the software for the first time or have not yet configured your cameras. You get the following Welcome Screen if you have configured the cameras.

Smart Lens Welcome screen with configured cameras

Snapshot of Smart Lens Welcome screen with configured cameras

You must add a camera if it is your first time to use the software. Left click on the “Add Camera” Button. The action will take you to the following screen.

Adding the Region of Interest (ROI)

The control panel is the first place to go. You will see its five distinct tabs. Each tab has a unique and important role to play.

Snapshot of control tabs view

A – Dashboard
B – Playback
C – Manage
D – How to Add
E – Help
F – Performance load meter

Left click on the Manage tab. The main window will be displayed as follows.

Snapshot of Manage tab main window

SmartLens only supports 2 cameras. In the picture above, two cameras are accommodated in the camera slots. These cameras are named “Microseven” and “NETCAM” respectively. If you want to configure ROI for a different camera, you need to delete one or both of the cameras already accommodated in the camera slots.

To delete a camera, select the camera that you want to delete from the camera slot. Left click the delete icon.

Snapshot of Camera delete and edit icons marked as A & B

A – Delete button. B – Edit button

If you have the two cameras that you want to configure, left click on each camera name.

Snapshot of choosing between 2 cameras

In the image above, “Microseven” represents camera 1 while “NETCAM” represent camera 2. Left clicking on any of the cameras takes you to the following settings.

Snapshot of camera settings window

1 – Options Settings. It is chosen by default when you first select any of the two available cameras. It allows you to customize a number of settings.

2 – Motion detect. Left click on it so that you can activate it. It gives you choices on how to set up your Region of Interest (ROI) settings.

3 - Active camera region. Its display content depends on whether the “Options” or “Motion Detect” tab is chosen.

Left clicking on Motion Detect takes you to a tab where you can set up and fine-tune the Region of Interest to your liking.

Snapshot of motion detect options window

Your region of choice can either be a rectangle, square or triangle. Clicking on the square icon will give you options to set a square/rectangle Region of Interest. Clicking the triangle shape allows to set up a triangular ROI.

The TripWire sets up a line that is triggered if an intruder passes it. Each camera supports a maximum of 2 lines.

You can set up as many ROIs as you want. You can even mix the shapes. You can delete and edit them as you wish.

Clicking the square and triangle shapes will open up another option. This is the Timespan option. It allows you to set the minimum waiting time in seconds before a motion alarm is triggered.

Snapshot of motion-detect-timespan-settings

1 – Timespan knob. The timespan knob works together with the Timespan slider. You can increase or decrease the waiting time on the Timespan slider.

2 – Left clicking the blue horizontal line on the left of the “Timespan knob” decreases the waiting time.

3 – Left clicking the black horizontal on the right of the “Timespan knob” increases the waiting time.

4 – Displays the selected waiting time in seconds.

The same settings apply to the Timespan settings of both the Triangle Shape and TripWire options. The time span ranges from 0 – 10 sec.

To add a Region of Interest, move your mouse in the Active Camera region. Left click your mouse and hold it. Drag to achieve the desired size of your shape (rectangle, square, or triangle). Do not worry if you do not get the shape and size you want the first time. You can always edit the shapes later.

Snapshot of editing of ROI window with marked 3 sections

1 – Left clicking on the X icon will delete the Region of Interest shape drawn in the camera regions.

2 – Another Region of Interest added in the same camera region. Left clicking a ROI and holding down the mouse button will allow you to alter its size.

3 – The small blue squares allow you to change your ROI size. Hover your mouse on top of any of the small blue squares. The mouse pointer will change its shape to a + sign. You can drag the mouse to increase or decrease your ROI.

You can have as many ROIs as you want for each camera. You can even mix the shapes of the ROIs.

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