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Product Features

Region of Interest Motion Detection

Region of Interest (ROI) improves your camera’s detection performance by allowing you to select specific areas to monitor within your camera’s frame. What you’ll get is a more fine-tuned detection system that focuses directly on the key areas of your property.

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Tripwire Functionality

Tripwire detection allows you to set lines on your property that act as barriers to entry. If a person or object crosses that line in any direction, you’ll receive an instant alert from the app. It’s great for monitoring key entry points on your property, protecting your children from household hazards, or guarding against retail theft.

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If you’re concerned about suspicious people loitering near your property, you can set a specific area to watch along with detection timeframes to get notified anytime someone is loitering in your designated areas. Loitering can be a sign that people are planning something, so it’s best to be aware of any activity outside your home or business beforehand.

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Recording Playback

SmartLens will store all recorded surveillance video for you to review at your leisure. Each video is categorized by detection type, location, and time so you know exactly where your alerts are coming from.

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