SmartLens: CCTV, Web Cam, IP Camera Recording Software

Want to keep an eye on your property in a smart way? SmartLens seamlessly connects to your CCTV, IP cam, or webcam to record and store your surveillance videos. Later you can watch those videos on your computer or smartphone.

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ip camera recording software
cctv camera recording software
Record from Mobile
Record videos from your web cam, CCTV, or IP camera for you while you’re on the go with our user-friendly recording software.
Webcam recording software
ip camera recording software
Display Playback
The SmartLens recording software always shows all playbacks, allowing you to choose any existing recording and pause, stop, and resume the recorded video.
cctv camera recording software
Webcam recording software
Dashboard Page
with Alerts
Use our convenient dashboard to view all existing cameras video stream plus all the alerts triggered by your CCTV, webcam, or IP camera and recorded by the recording software.
ip camera recording software
  • Easy to Use

    SmartLens categorizes the recorded videos according to detection type, location, and time so you know exactly where your alerts are coming from.

  • HD Quality Video

    You will never miss anything important or hidden on the video because SmartLens delivers only high-quality video to your computer and smartphone.

  • Works with Any Windows Computer

    Just launch the recording software on a computer with Windows 7, 8, or 10, and connect the app to your CCTV, web cam, or IP camera.

  • Seamless Playback

    If video recording from your IP cam, CCTV, or webcam is interrupted, SmartLens will instantly alert you, so you can take immediate measures.

cctv camera recording software
Mobile Connectivity
Easily Connect from your android or ios smartphone to the recording software, watch the camera, select alert type and view existing events.
Webcam recording software
Smart Notifications
For any event you will select for your IP camera, web cam, or CCTV, The recording software will record the event and will notify you immediately.
ip camera recording software
Other Features
Explore our website and learn about other features that SmartLens can offer.