SmartLens: Security App Viewer for Android

Always on the go and rarely at home? SmartLens app allows you to keep tabs on what’s happening to your property. Watch and control your CCTV, IP camera, or webcam videos 24/7, from any place, right from your Android phone.

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CCTV Camera Viewer For Android
Alert sign
Motion Detection Alerts
Receive instant alerts from your IP or CCTV camera to Android devices and take immediate action in case of breach.
webcam Viewer For Android
webcam Camera Viewer For Android
PTZ Compatibility
Get a 360-degree view of your property by repositioning your IP cam, CCTV camera, or webcam through your phone.
CCTV Camera Viewer For Android
CCTV Camera Viewer For Android
Hands Free Operation
No need to know your camera connection information. SmartLens Auto detect your camera and connect them at your command
CCTV Camera Viewer For Android
  • CCTV, IP, Web Cam

    SmartLens camera app supports all kinds of hardware, be it IP, CCTV, or web cam.

  • User-Friendly

    Connect to your Android app viewer via a responsive, intuitive user interface.

  • Get More of your

    Your Cheap camera can become very smart with Smart Lens capabilities.

  • Smart App Viewer
    for Android

    SmartLens takes turning your security cam into a smart device.

IP Camera Viewer For Android
Taskbar Notifications
Receive real-time alerts whenever something suspicious occurs on your property or one of your ROI’s gets triggered.
IP Camera Viewer For Android
Customize the user interface to fit your style preferences.
IP Camera Viewer For Android
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